Cold Weather Photography

Cold  Weather  Photography

Cold Weather Photography

  1. Cameras generally specify ‘operating environment’ 0°C to +40°C but most cameras and lenses will work down to -20°C.
  2. Batteries loose power at low temperatures. Li-ion are
    OK down to -20°C. but will lose power. (Primary batteries better)
    TAKE WITH YOU 1 OR 2 SPARE FULLY CHARGED BATTERIES - keep them warm in your inside pocket
  3. Memory cards OK. ‘Sandisk Extreme’ spec to -25°C
  4. Lens Hood - important - protects and keep snow off lens.
  5. Keep Camera Dry - wipe off moisture - use a waterproof camera RainCover / Rain Sleeve / Protector.
  6. Changing lenses – protect from snow going inside your camera (moisture could freeze inside camera) Better to use a ZOOM LENS to avoid having to change lenses.
  7. Over expose 1 - 2 stops in snow (camera sees 18% grey) -- Check your HISTOGRAM
  8. Coming in from the cold -- CONDENSATION on lens, outside and also inside the camera !! Put Camera in a sealed plastic bag BEFORE bringing it inside. (take memory card out before bringing camera in if you want to download the images; it could take a few hours for camera to reach ambient.

Keep yourself dry and warm. Wear Layers. Fingerless gloves / mittens. Flip-top mittens. ENJOY !!!

Emyr. 28-11-18

Updated: 27/01/19